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Food Resources...

If you have resources to submit, please get in touch via the "contact me" page stating who the original creator is.

Please respect the fact that resource preparation is time consuming. Contribute and share any resources you may have yourself.

By all means take the resources on this page and use them, but please also give resources if you can.

To download the work, right click and select "save target as".

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Curriculum Development Projects / Schemes of Work:
Help sheets for year 11 major coursework
Introduction and Task Analysis.doc - 36kb
Special Diets.doc - 28kb
Chosen Special Diets.doc - 20kb
Suitable Recipes.doc - 28kb
Consumer Survey.doc - 20kb
Existing Packaging.doc - 28kb
Supermarket survey.doc - 44kb
Analysis of Research.doc - 45kb
Design specification.doc - 28kb
Design Ideas.doc - 40kb
Practical work.doc - 28kb
Developments.doc - 32kb
Plan of Making / Production Process.doc - 84kb

Final Design.doc - 32kb
Industrial Processes.doc - 72kb
Fatima Begum

Active Kids, Bronze (Soups, Salads, Novelties).doc - 52kb
Active Kids Gold (Foods of the World) .doc - 44kb
AQA Food Tech Spec 2010+ Scheme of Work 1.xls - 25kb
AQA Food Tech Spec 2010+ Scheme of Work 2.xls - 25kb
AQA Food Tech Spec 2010+ Scheme of Work 3.xls - 24.5kb
Kathy Fontaine

(OCR Board) Y10 / Y11 Coursework Scheme of Work.doc - 92kb
(OCR Board) Y10 / Y11 Coursework Guide.doc - 132kb
Basics of KS3 Food SoW.doc - 44kb
Basics of KS3 Food Activity Sheets.doc - 120kb
Foreign Food for All Scheme of Work.doc - 52kb
Foreign Food for All Worksheets.doc - 132kb
Y10 Food Scheme of Work.doc - 80kb
Y10 Activity Sheets .doc - 1mb
Ready Steady Cook SoW.doc - 48kb
Ready Steady Cook Activity Sheets.doc - 108kb

Becky Kefford

Introduction to Year 10 Coursework SoW and Resources.zip
Emma Laws

CDP Overview Presentation.ppt 2.4mb
Sheena Montgommery

Year 9 Licence to Cook Scheme and Booklet.doc - 5.31mb
James Sharp

Y7 Me in a Kitchen - medium term plan.doc- 39.5kb
Y7 Me in a Kitchen - lesson plans.doc - 171kb
Accompanying Worksheets:
Exploring a recipe.doc - 66kb
Y7 Me in a Kitchen Recipe Book.doc - 42kb
Using an Oven Worksheet.doc - 24.5kb
Ann Sporwart

Y7 Starting With Breakfast medium term plan.doc- 33kb
Y7 Starting With Breakfast- lesson plans.doc - 154kb
Accompanying Worksheets:
Y7 Parent Information Sheet.doc - 1.08mb
Y7 Starting With Breakfast Recipe Book.doc - 35kb
Y7 Starting With Breakfast Worksheets.doc- 33kb
Ann Sporwart

Licence to Cook:
Please be aware, DATA has advised that some of the recipes in these booklets do not fulfill the criteria of Licence to Cook. In particular Y7 Toffee Crispies, date and apple cake
, Y8 Fairy Cakes, flapjacks, choc chip cookies, gingerbread, melting moments, Y9 Jam Roly Poly, 'Designer Muffins', Flaky pastry, sausage rolls, sausage curry, sausage risotto, toad in the hole.

If you need further guidance please remember that these resources are created by teachers and that you should consult the official guidance at the Licence to Cook website for fully correct information - click here.

Licence to Cook - year 7 scheme of work.doc - 95.5kb
Licence to Cook - year 7 recipes.doc - 53kb
Licence to Cook - year 8 scheme of work.doc - 94.5kb
Licence to Cook - year 8 recipes.doc - 64.5kb
Licence to Cook - year 9 scheme of work.doc - 94kb
Licence to Cook - year 9 recipes.doc - 100kb
Fatima Begum

Licence to Cook Recipes.doc - 4mb
Y7 Licence to Cook Booklet .doc - 1.17mb
Y8 Licence to Cook Booklet 1.doc - 2.23mb
Y8 Licence to Cook Booklet 2.doc - 1.01mb
Y9 Licence to Cook Booklet 1.doc - 255kb
Y9 Licence to Cook Booklet 2.doc - 1mb
Suzie Carr

Y7 Licence to Cook Scheme of Work.doc - 119kb
Y8 Licence to Cook Scheme of Work - 26.5kb
Licence to Cook Presentation Part 1.ppt - 1.89mb
Licence to Cook Presentation Part 2.ppt - 1.85mb
Helen Foster

Licence to Cook - Cooking with Gas.doc - 377kb
Licence to Cook - Weighing and Measuring.doc - 104kb
Richard Summers

GCSE Catering Schemes and Resources:
Cultural Recipes.doc - 376kb
Food Production Booklet.doc - 160kb
Recipe book.doc - 409kb
Suzie Carr

Catering Terminology.doc - 38.5kb
GCSE Catering Scheme of Work.doc - 164kb
Recipes.doc - 506kb
Rachel Richards

5-a-day intro.ppt - 1.46mb
5-a-day fruit and veg worksheet.doc - 58kb
5-a-day, Vegetable True or False.doc - 59.5kb
Jamie Oliver's problem page.doc - 26kb
Alex Burdon

Basics of ingredients / equipment etc:
Calcium/Iron factsheet.doc - 114kb
Calcium and Iron Wordsearch.doc - 86.5kb
Fats and Sugars.doc - 134kb
Fibre.doc - 92.5kb
Food for Thought Starter task - 75kb
Catherine Bason

Gelatinization.ppt - 370kb
Susannah Brooks

Use of CAD/CAM in food technology.ppt - 28kb
Sensory analysis in food technology.ppt - 76kb
Victoria Chalk

Definitions for Food Bingo.doc - 28kb
Linking Ingrdients.doc - 140kb
Industrial Equipment.doc - 24kb
Ingredient SCAMPER.doc - 36kb

Batch Production Worksheet.doc - 24kb
Recognising Reactions to your Food.doc - 196kb
Phil Dixon

Cards (fatty foods).doc - 52kb
Cards (fruit and veg).doc - 56k
Cards (high fibre foods).doc - 40kb
Cards (high protein foods).doc - 56kb
Cards (salty foods).doc - 44kb
Cards (sugary foods).doc - 48kb

Emma Laws

Food Wheel Worksheet.doc - 49kb
Modified Starch.doc - 60kb
Standard Equipment Task.doc - 37.5kb
Sue Lefley

Ingredients - Actions.doc - 36kb
Ingredients Functions Matching Keywords.doc - 64kb
Food Evaluation Sheet 1.doc

Food Evaluation Sheet 2.doc
Food Evaluation Sheet 3.doc
Organic Foods Questions .doc - 84kb
Recipe - Vegetable Paella .doc - 36kb
Paella Plenary.doc - 44kb

Recipe - Risotto .doc - 32kb
Risotto Plenary.doc - 40
Vicki McCormack

Basic Functions of Ingredients.doc - 28kb
Primary and Secondary Ingredients Worksheet.doc - 24kb
Raising.doc - 28kb
Ingredients and Equipment Anagrams .doc- 24kb
Costing Sheet for Ingredients.doc - 325kb
Flow diagram activity.doc - 207kb
Food Technology Keywords and Definitions.doc - 37kb
Sheena Montgommery

Eatwell Plate worksheet.pdf - 1.05mb
Starch Gelatinization worksheet .pdf - 475kb
Sarah Sherwood

Whisking Method story board.doc - 20kb
Rachel Young

Cookie Recipe jumble starter.doc - 28kb
Phil Dixon

Design an Animal Cracker Task.doc
Jonathan Hawkins

Special Occasion Choices - first ideas.doc - 36kb
Special Occasion Biscuits
Assessment Criteria.doc - 36kb

Emma Laws

Bread Buns crossword.doc - 24kb
Bread Ingredients information sheet.doc - 200kb
Rachel Young

Bread Homework.doc - 21kb
Rebecca Pallas

Create A Burger Curriculum Development Project.zip - 800kb
Kendal Dodds

Burger Brief.ppt - 484kb
Burger Lesson 1 - 55kb
Pupil's Design a Burger Sheet.pub - 51.5kb
A3 burger worksheet (scaffolding higher skills).pub - 53kb
Burger design powerpoint.ppt - 169kb
Catherine Glover

Cakes - Design Ideas.doc - 274kb

Catherine Bason

Cakes - Making Methods- 476kb
Susannah Brooks

Cakes - Recipe.doc - 32kb
Cakes - Function of Ingredients.doc - 44kb

Cakes - Playing Cards Plenary.doc - 556kb

Cakes - Storyboard.doc - 28kb
Cakes - Starter - put the sentences in order.doc - 28kb

Cakes - Starter - fill in the missing words.doc - 20kb
Cakes - Packaging Extension.doc - 28kb
Hot Cross Buns - Method.doc - 24kb
Phil Dixon

Design a Celebration Cake and packaging.doc - 34.5kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Cakes - Function of Ingredients.doc - 32kb
Special Occasion Cakes Assessment Criteria.doc - 32kb
Emma Laws

Recipe - Dorest Apple Cake.doc - 68kb
Dawn Johnson

Christmas Cake Recipe 1 .doc - 48kb
Mitch Kirkham

Cakes - 4x4 Function of Ingredients.doc - 24kb
Cakes - Function of Ingredients.doc - 28kb
Cakes - Baking .doc - 24kb
Cakes - vs Biscuits.doc - 20kb
Cakes - Sensory Evaluation.doc - 44kb
Swiss Roll - Function of ingredients .doc - 16kb
Swiss Roll - Recipe .doc - 32kb
Whisked Sponge - Function of ingredients .doc - 24kb
Sheena Montgommery

Cakes - Methods of Making (Cut up and put back together in order).doc - 22.5kb
Cakes - Functions of Ingredients.doc - 26.5kb
Cakes - Fill in the Blanks.doc - 22.5kb
Cakes - Small Cakes, Functions of Ingredients.doc - 26.5kb
Cakes - Look, Smell, Taste.doc - 31kb

Cakes - Questions.doc - 32kb
Rebecca Pallas

Cakes - functions of Ingredient - G & T (ks3).doc
Cakes functions of Ingredient - G & T answers (ks3).doc - 24kb
Cakes functions of Ingredients - answers.doc - 24kb
Cakes functions of Ingredients.doc - 28kb
Cakes plenary (Ks3).doc - 20kb
Sensory analysis cakes (ks3).doc - 28kb
Sensory analysis words (ks3).doc - 32kb
Sponge Fruit Flan crossword.doc - 36kb
Rachel Young

Cereal Product Cards.doc - 136kb
Cards (cereal).doc - 204kb
Emma Laws

Cereals - Quiz.doc - 28kb
Sheena Montgommery

Cereal Evaluation sheet.doc - 52kb
Ann Sporwart

Cheesemaking.ppt - 655kb
Naomi Aitken

Conducting / Assessing an experiment or practical:
Experiment Proforma.doc - 28kb
Hypothesis - Individual.doc - 20kb
Hypothesis - Class.doc - 24kb
Self Evaluation of Practical.doc - 36kb
Level Descriptors for Practical
Work.doc - 28.5kb

Practical Assessment "pupil-speak" Level Descriptors.doc - 24.5kb
Class Assessment Sheet.doc - 24kb
Self Evaluation of Practical.doc - 22.5kb
Target Assessment Sheet.doc - 24.5kb
VAK plenary sheet.doc - 25.5kb
Level descriptors - self assessment.doc - 71kb
Sheena Montgommery

Evaluation sheet. pdf - 538kb
Sarah Sherwood

Plan of manufacture.doc - 52kb
Louise Webber

Y7 Crumble Design Sheet.doc - 226kb
Catherine Bason

Custard Recipe.doc - 682kb
Brenda Sibley

Cooking for Diabetics worksheet.doc - 682kb
Alex Burdon

Eggs.ppt - 752kb
Naomi Aitken

Eggs Revision 2009 summer / 2010 mock exam.ppt - 1.38mb
Alison Brown

Sample paper for eggs exam.docx - 25.4kb
Kathy Fontaine

Mock questions, eggs exam - based on 05 paper.doc - 93kb
Mock questions, eggs exam - based on 06 paper.doc - 59kb
Mock questions, eggs exam - based on 08 paper.doc - 85kb
Sharon Rae

Revision for eggs exam.pptm - 378kb
Carollee Walcott

Flapjacks / snack bars:
Snack Bar - Creamed Method.doc - 48kb
Snack Bar - Evaluation.doc - 48kb
Snack Bar - Melting Method.doc - 48kb
Snack Bar - Recipe.doc - 28kb
Snack Bar - Extension material.doc - 48kb
Flapjack - Evaluation.doc - 36kb
Flapjack - Witness Statement.doc - 24kb
Phil Dixon

Flapjacks: Sensory Analysis.doc - 52kb
Flapjacks: Assessment Criteria.doc - 32kb

Emma Laws

Snack bar Evaluation Sheet .doc - 40kb
Vicki McCormack

Flapjack - 3, 2, 1 .doc - 24kb
Flapjack - Evaluation of practical .xls - 40kb
Sheena Montgommery

Granola Bars - Look, Smell, Taste - 31kb
Granola Bars - Key Teaching Points- 44.5kb
Granola Bars - Recipe.doc - 45kb
Granola - Ingredients Slip - 28kb
Rebecca Pallas

Cereal Bar Powerpoint - 88kb
Amran Suleman

Flapjacks analysis sheet.doc - 28kb
Flapjacks method sheet.doc - 44kb
Flapjacks packaging.doc - 24kb
Snack Bar Analysis sheet.doc - 24kb
Rachel Young

Flour - Learning Mat With answers.doc - 28kb
Flour - Properties.doc - 40kb
Flour - Wheat.doc - 24kb
Gluten.doc - 24kb

Raising.doc - 28kb

Sheena Montgommery

Foreign and Regional Foods:
National Foods Starter.doc - 32kb

Phil Dixon

American Food Crossword.doc - 104kb
Chinese Food worksheet.doc - 236kb
Fairtrade factsheet.doc - 148kb
Local and imported foods worksheet.doc - 496kb
Dawn Johnson

Foods of the World Handout.doc - 31kb
Foods of the World Design Handout.doc - 32kb
Rebecca Pallas

Welsh Food History - 42.5kb
Welsh Recipes.doc - 67kb
Trish Richards

Fruit - Apples worksheet.doc - 68kb
Fruit - Apples plenary puzzles.doc - 80kb
Dawn Johnson

Fruit - Peer Assessment AfL- fruit salad.doc - 36kb
Fruit - Information about Coconut.doc - 32kb
Fruit - Information about Kumquat.doc. - 32kb
Fruit - Information about lychee.doc - 24kb
Fruit - Information about mango.doc - 28kb
Fruit - Information about preparing mangoes.doc - 20kb
Fruit -
Information about papaya.doc - 24kb
Fruit - Information about starfruit.doc - 32kb

Emma Laws

Fruit and Veg 5 a day poster.doc
Sue Lefley

Fruit.ppt - 548kb
Rebecca Winter

Health and Safety / food poisoning:
Bacteria.ppt - 874kb
QA and QC - 231kb
Naomi Aitken

Health and Safety Student Booklet.doc - 1.3mb
Health and Safety Teacher's Booklet.doc - 1.4mb
Amanda Cadman

What is HACCP? Activity and factsheet.doc - 44kb
Packaging Information- 36kb
Packaging Plenary - 36kb
Phil Dixon

HACCP Information .ppt - 1.33mb
Sally Dobbs

Colour coded chopping boards list.doc - 29.5kb
Food Safety Information.doc - 63kb
Sue Lefley

Dirty Sandwich Activity.doc - 40kb
Jacqui Housley

Webquest (food poisoning).doc - 72kb
Nicky Matthews

Food Processor Safety Questions .doc - 28kb
Food Processor Safety Answers .doc - 36kb
Vicki McCormack

Detailed Food Safety Powerpoint .ppt- 1.42mb
Intermediate Food Hygiene Revision.ppt - 146kb
Kitchen Hygiene Homework.doc - 208kb
Sheena Montgommery

Hygiene Rules .doc - 29kb
Rebecca Pallas

Mystery at the Dog and Duck Reasoning Activity - 28kb
Mystery at the Dog and Duck Consolidation Sheet - 32kb
Author Unknown

Mystery at the Dog and Duck Comparison Table.doc - 39.5kb
Sue Rogers

Washing Up.ppt - 60kb
Charlie Vaughan

newspaper article - food hygiene questions.doc - 24kb
Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Practices.doc - 60kb
The Danger Zone.doc - 20kb
Thermometer picture.doc - 24kb
Food hygiene - mini quiz.ppt - 40kb
Food hygiene blockbusters.doc - 24kb
Food hygiene blockbusters answer grid.doc - 28kb
Food hygiene blockbusters questions.doc - 24kb
Food safety laws handout.doc - 2.6mb
Basic food hygiene - power point 1.ppt - 232kb
Basic food hygiene - power point 2.ppt - 480kb
Rachel Young

Ice Cream:
Design an Ice Cream Sundae.doc - 39.5kb
Jonathan Hawkins

Fairtrade Muffin.ppt - 796kb
Paul Parker

Balance of good food handout.doc - 129kb
Alex Burdon

Food and Nutrition Worksheet.pub - 205kb
Sarah Clark

Athlete's Requirements.doc - 24kb
Healthy Eating - Anagrams.doc - 24kb
Healthy Eating - Bingo.doc - 20kb
Healthy Eating - Changing a Recipe.doc - 28kb
Healthy Eating - Task Analysis.doc - 20kb
Healthy Eating - Extension - You are what you eat.doc - 104kb

Phil Dixon

Nutrition Dominoes.doc - 40kb
Nicky Matthews

3-a-day Dairy Information Sheet .doc - 72kb
5-a-day Fruit and Veg Information Sheet .doc - 28kb
3-a-day and 5-a-day Questions .doc - 32kb
Diet Through Life Boardgame inc Cards and Counters .zip - 400kb
Healthy Diets for Teens - matching keywords.doc - 36kb
Nutrition - Adolescents.doc - 40kb
Nutrition - Adulthood.doc - 72kb
Nutrition - Babies.doc - 40kb

Nutrition - Childhood.doc - 36kb
Nutrition - Old Age.doc - 48kb
Vicki McCormack

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (Nutrition).ppt - 1.93mb
Sue Rogers

Nutrition information for toddlers.doc - 96kb
Louise Webber

Vegetables.ppt - 696kb
Nutrition.ppt - 140kb
Rebecca Winter

5 a day info sheet 1.doc - 928kb
5 a day info sheet 2.doc - 528kb
a healthy diet nutrients info sheet (ks3).doc - 172kb
Healthy packed lunch worksheet.doc - 32kb
Nutrients Dominoes instructions.doc - 100kb
Nutrients dominoes.doc - 140kb
Nutrients worksheet (ks3).doc - 92kb
Nutrition questions.doc - 24kb
Nutrition short crossword.doc - 28kb
Nutritional Needs of Teenagers.doc - 64kb
Teenagers Diet worksheet.doc - 60kb
What do you eat - (ks3).doc - 36kb
Nutrients cards - Calcium.doc - 56kb
Nutrients cards - carbohydrates.doc - 56kb
Nutrients cards - fats.doc - 28kb
Nutrients cards - iodine.doc - 40kb
Nutrients cards - iron.doc - 52kb
Nutrients cards - Phosphorus.doc - 36kb
Nutrients cards - protein.doc - 24kb
Nutrients cards - vitamin E.doc - 46kbc
Nutrients cards - vitamin k.doc - 40kb
Nutrients cards - Zinc.doc - 44kb
Rachel Young

Pasta.ppt - 436kb
Rebecca Winter

Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.doc - 44kb
Alex Burdon

Pastry information.doc - 180kb
Louise Webber

Pastry - Key words and Phrases.doc - 26kb
Pastry - Questions.doc - 28.5kb
Pastry - Storyboard.doc - 29kb
Rebecca Pallas

Pizza: Assessment Criteria.doc - 44kb
Pizza: Final Recipe Idea.doc - 36kb
Pizza: Plenary.doc - 36kb

Emma Laws

Recipe - Pizza .doc - 2.5mb
Design for a Novelty Pizza .ppt - 24kb
Vicki McCormack

Pizza - nutritional info worksheet.doc - 32kb
Rachel Young

Planning and Evaluating:
Development 2 Template.doc - 28kb
Evaluation MindMap.doc - 32kb
Planning Modifications.xls 16kb
Prototype.doc - 24kb
Sheena Montgommery

Storyboard Evaluation.doc - 31kb
Rebecca Pallas

Potatoes Quiz.ppt - 2.73mb
Lisa Salters

Rice Based Dishes:
Recipe - Vegetable Paella .doc - 36kb
Paella Plenary.doc - 44kb

Recipe - Risotto .doc - 32kb
Risotto Plenary.doc - 40
Vicki McCormack

Scone - Crossword.doc - 24kb
Scone - Evaluation Target.doc - 32kb

Scone - Evaluation Checklist.doc - 48kb
Scone - Function of Ingredients.doc - 36kb
Scone - Method.doc - 24kb
Scone - Quality Checks.doc - 32kb
Scone - Wordsearch.doc - 36kb
Phil Dixon

Scone instructions.doc - 20kb
Scones crossword .doc - 24kb
Rachel Young

Stews / Hotpots:
Hotpot Key Teaching Points.doc - 33.5kb
Rebecca Pallas

Alternative Protein Foods.doc - 32.5kb
Sue Lefley

A Healthy diet factsheet.doc
Jane from Viva

Further Resources:
Food Technology Millionairre.ppt - 874kb
Helen Barlow

Presenting Food to Children - Learning Map.pub - 57kb
Sarah Clark

Food themed starter activities.doc - 27.5kb
Ann Sporwart

Food Technology Exam.doc - 171kb
Willie Webster

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All resources provided on this website have been credited to the original creators where possible. We rely on the providers of the resources to use only their own images, or to request permission from the original creator. If you believe that a piece of your work has been listed without due credit, please let me know.

helenhudspith.com is not responsible for contributors' use of third party images. This responsibility for checking intellectual rights lies with the creator of the resource. It is assumed that creators have checked these details before providing resources to helenhudspith.com

The resources on this page are provided in good faith for educational use with the understanding that the work may be adapted and changed by individuals to suit your project or lesson. The providers have not given permission for financial gain to be made from these resources and if you download and share these resources, it is with the proviso that you make no attempt to make financial gain from their adaptation.

The resources are protected by law against such action (click the icons below to find out more about the Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike licence):

If you are interested in sharing your work, you do so with the knowledge that it will be freely available for download on this website and that helenhudspith.com is not responsible for any misuse of the resources once they have been downloaded.

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